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How to buy a diamond ring without the stress

How to Buy a Diamond Ring without the Stress

Shopping for an engagement ring in Melbourne with your fiancée may sound like a great idea but is this a wise decision? Will she be glad to be a part of this shopping experience or will it compromise on the “surprise”? Should you simply take the chance and go shopping alone, so that you can plan a surprise proposal with a surprise ring?

Men are indeed bombarded with questions in their mind the moment they decide to pop the question to their girlfriend. Steve Pallas Bespoke Jewellery have been in the industry for more than 40 years, and we have seen men struggling to make the perfect choice. Though most of them come alone in order to execute the perfect surprise for their would-be, there are several others who come with their fiancée. Both decisions have their own pros and cons though and it is often the latter which is usually stress free.

My experience says that this age is largely turning out to be an age of ‘couples ring shopping’. And of course, there are several reasons for this. An engagement ring and even the wedding ring is not a matter of a day or two. It is something she will be wearing on a daily basis throughout her life. Not taking her opinion before buying such an integral thing of her life in fact, sounds illogical.

I feel, making her a part of such an important decision will, in fact, show your respect towards her opinion and her likes and dislikes. She is sure to be pleased and is sure to appreciate a say in the matter. Moreover, it is a bonding experience and will look equally romantic (as the surprise proposal), if executed the right way. At the end of the day what matters most is, she gets the ring she likes and which she would love to flaunt each day of her life. I personally feel, shopping together also reduces stress as you do not have to spend hours and days deciding what she would love. Rather than making a wild guess in such a matter, give her the right to choose and decide.

You should, however, be careful about your reaction towards her likes and dislikes and her ideas and feelings. Remember the ring will ultimately be a part of her life, hence, you need to ensure in every possible way her comfort, her likes for a certain setting, a certain cut or a metal and what looks good on her finger. Looks can be deceptive too. You may like the look of a particular ring, but it may not look good on her finger. A particular setting, design, stone carat needs to compliment her finger; only then it can be considered worth a buy.

Finally, I also have a solution for those who wish to go for a surprise proposal yet want to purchase the ring together. What you can opt to do is purchase a temporary ring and execute your surprise proposal perfectly with the temporary ring. After some time you can tell her about your decision to buy the perfect ring together. I am sure she will be immensely glad at your thoughtful gesture. The tradition of a surprise proposal remains, and so does her happiness of getting the ring of her choice.