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Julia Roberts 2002 gemstone engagement ring is trending this year

We’ve all heard and saw a lot about the wonderful Gemstone Engagement Ring that Julia Roberts received in 2002. The world keeps talking about this and we can’t stop but wonder: which do you prefer? Diamonds or Coloured Gemstones? If you are looking for custom engagement rings in Melbourne, we are here to help you. Whatever your style and budget, we can create something from your imagination.

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We understand that women are different and couples have their own story. Although many mainstream engagement rings in Melbourne are beautiful, they are not as special as they should be. An engagement ringneeds to tell a story, needs to have something special and to remind the happy couple about the things that brought them together. For this reason, we pay special attention to every piece we create.

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By using CADTechnology(Computer Aided Design), we can create any design you may have in mind. Do you have afamily heirloom that you would like to recreate and have it as an engagement ring? We can create an identical one for you. We know how much you’ve searched for custom engagement rings in Melbourne, that is why we want to provide you with the highest quality and service in Melbourne.

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We have anin-house diamond setter, which means we set every stone by hand. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and this is the reason why so many couples are ecstatic after experiencing our service and seeing their custom engagement ringcome to life.

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We will work with you from the very first moment, weather it be a hand drawn sketch or CAD Design to make sure that you are completely satisfied with every detail of your ring. You don’t have to settle for less! We have a wide range of engagement ring designs available, and you can either customise one of our ideas or go for your own design. Either way, our team of professionals will guide you every step of the way!

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If you need your ring faster than anticipated, we can work around your deadline and help you have your ring just in time for the big proposal.Steve Pallas Bespoke Jewellery is everything you need to search for if you want to find the perfect ring for you and your partner. Allow us to bring your imagination to life!