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The 4 C’s of diamond quality – colour, clarity, cut & carat: what you need to know

Choosing the right Diamond is not an easy mission. Apart from looking incredible, Diamonds have the power to tell a story, to represent feelings and to show the owner’s personality with their unique features. Even more, the 4 C’s are a representative for the quality of the Diamond and they partially dictate its price. That is why you have to know the 4 C’s of Diamond quality before you search for diamond rings Melbourne and you buy the first gorgeous piece that you find.

The Colour

Naturally, this is also a matter of personal taste, and if you search for diamond rings Melbourne, you will definitely find something that is suitable for you and your partner. In general, the clarity of the diamond dictates its price; colourless diamonds are the most expensive, while the ones that have a brown or yellow tint have less value. Of course, there are also coloured diamonds like pink or blue, which are amongst the rarest and most expensive of them all. Any tinting of the diamond can reduce its value, and it can be tricky for someone who is not an expert to differentiate between two diamonds with very similar colour, but different grades have a different price.

The Clarity

The clarity from blemishes and inclusions are very important, and there are different grades to evaluate this. With 10 different grades, it is difficult to evaluate it yourself if you are not an expert, although some impurities can be seen with the bare eye. It is important for an expert to make sure that any impurity does not interfere with the passing of the light through the diamond, as this is what gives a big part of the sparkle and beauty of the diamond.

The Cut

The diamond cut is the most important element to consider when buying a diamond. The cut is the biggest factor in creating sparkle and fire, and without a high cut grade even a diamond of high quality can appear dull and lifeless. A diamond cut poorly and too deep can face-up smaller than it actually is.

When diamond cuts are made with the proper proportions, light is returned out of the top of the diamond which is referred to as the table. If the cuts are too shallow, light leaks out of the bottom; too deep and it escapes out of the side. We suggest choosing an Excellent or Very Good cut grade certification when choosing Diamond Rings Melbourne. In general, it is good to understand that even some of the best diamonds look dull if the cut is not good, so make sure to ask for plenty of details about this before you buy a diamond. 

The Carat Weight

Contrary to the general opinion, this does not dictate how large a diamond is, but how heavy it is. However, the carat weight of a stone should not be the primary thing you take into consideration when you buy a diamond. Consider cut and carat weight together a larger carat diamond with a poor cut grade can appear smaller than a smaller diamond with a higher cut grade.

Diamond Buying Tip:

To maximise your budget, you might want to consider selecting a carat weight slightly below the whole and half carat marks. For example, instead of a 2.0-carat diamond, consider buying a 1.95 carat weight. This will save a considerable amount of money and the slight size difference will never be noticed.

All those features together dictate how much you should spend on a diamond, but only a unique combination of them will help you have the right diamond for you. Diamond rings in Melbourne are easy to find, but you have to take your time and find that unique combination of the 4 C’s. At any moment you can get a custom ring no matter what style you had in mind. This way, you will be sure that your diamond ring will have significance and stand for all the feelings that you and your partner have for each other.