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The classic engagement ring

The moment you say “yes!” is a precious moment, and there aren’t many things that you keep to remind you of this magical feeling. Your engagement ring, however, will forever tell the story of your love, and it will be on your finger in every moment of the day as a sign of your commitment towards your partner. It is understandable why it has to be a special piece in every way: it has to look, feel and be the perfect ring for you.

Although every day you find more and more interesting designs, there is one type of ring that deserves your attention: the classic engagement ring. A timeless piece that exists for generations and that will be just as prevailing as the years go by. When you go on the hunt for wedding rings Melbourne, you should definitely take a while to study the classic pieces in the store. The advantage? This type of ring will always complement your other classic pieces, like your simple diamond necklace or diamond earrings Melbourne.

What is the advantage of a classic engagement ring? To begin with, a classic diamond shape is the most important feature of a classic engagement ring. Whether you choose a round brilliant, oval, emerald or a pear shaped diamond, you’re safe to say that these are all classic cuts, and when you start looking for wedding rings Melbourne you will notice that most classic styles of wedding rings match your engagement ring especially if it is a custom engagement ring and a custom wedding ring Melbourne, simply because it is so versatile and easy to wear. Is this the reason why so many celebrities prefer the classic engagement ring? Maybe.

Sophia Loren, for example, said “yes” to Carlo Ponti after he proposed with a classic diamond ring. Although the stone was bigger than the norm back in the days, it was definitely a timeless piece that is still relevant today. Elizabeth Taylor also had a passion for expensive, but classic and simple diamond rings. The “Elizabeth Taylor Diamond” was mounted on a ring soon after her husband bought it for her. Although they were already married, everyone got to know the ring as their engagement piece, and she wore it as such.

Does a classic ring need to have a huge diamond? Of course not. You can choose the shape, the quality and the cut that you want, as well as other design elements.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that sometimes, less is more and that your diamond ring will be in your family to enjoy for generations to come.