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Men's Rings

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The Perfect Way to Seal Your Love…

Explore our range of men’s wedding rings in Melbourne

When it comes to special occasion rings or jewellery, it is not uncommon to find a larger choice for women as compared to men. However, that isn’t the case at Steve Pallas Bespoke Jewellery. We offer men a plethora of stunning options to express their individuality and emotion, with our range of dress rings, gent’s engagement rings and men’s wedding rings in Melbourne. Our handcrafted designer rings reflect elegance and sophistication, befitting a celebration of love.

Your Ring, Your Style!

Our collection reflects a unique design aesthetic in bold, masculine styles using yellow and white gold, sterling silver and tungsten, along with an extensive range of diamond rings for those who prefer a touch of bling. You can see that our collection spans styles from the classic to the contemporary, making them an ideal choice for almost all occasions, and budgets as well, even when it comes to special occasion rings such as gent’s engagement rings and men’s wedding rings in Melbourne.

Along with style, we also pay attention to your lifestyle. So if you work with your hands, you might want a simple ring with that doesn’t come in the way. Alternatively, if you are looking for a bolder statement ring, we’re confident that you would find one that suits your style. We are experts at creating bespoke jewellery. So you can choose a ring setting, select your base metal of choice and choose to have diamonds or any stones of your colour and size. We have plenty of sophisticated and stylish options for men. We can craft something bold and unique, or forge modest and simple men’s wedding rings.

History of Men’s Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is so much more than just a piece of decorative jewellery. It imparts a message and conveys the wearer’s lifelong commitments. With a long symbolic history, the tradition of wedding rings is rich with significance. From their conception, wedding rings have symbolised love and commitment and agreements between families, and they remain a symbol of undying devotion and dedication.

Their simple shape, the circle, with no beginning or end, is the symbol of eternity, beginning as far back as ancient Egyptian culture. It is not only the shape of the metal that is significant, but the negative space in the design is considered a gateway to the future, the unknown. We have a multitude of design options for you to choose from, for showcasing your personal style and significance via your gent’s engagement ring.

It is a more recent tradition that men have also started to adorn wedding rings. It is thought to have become very common during World War I, when men’s wedding rings were worn as a symbol of remembrance while the soldier was away. Now, however, men’s wedding rings or a gent’s engagement ring is seen more as a symbol of a union than as a form of remembrance. This shift can be attributed to change in thought patterns. Now the couple belongs to one another, and the ceremony of delivering each other with rings is the symbol of their commitment to one another and offered with love.

While it is notable that men’s wedding rings are often less flashy than women’s rings, the options are endless, and if you can’t find something that speaks to you in our collection, you can design your own. Whether practical or statement-making, Steve Pallas Bespoke Jewellery in Melbourne can create the perfect ring for you.

When it comes to wedding bands, diamonds remain a popular choice, both for plain metal bands or those adorned with other jewels. This isn’t just a matter of tradition or fashion, but also a symbolic choice. Diamonds signify durability, strength and beauty, and can be easily associated with eternal love. Diamonds are the perfect symbol of a treasured, long-lasting bond, and we offer a wide range of eye-catching gent’s engagement rings and men’s wedding rings.

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