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Diamond Initial Necklaces and Bracelets

Diamond initial necklaces and bracelets are a jewellery staple and trend that has been around for decades and has no sign of slowing down any time soon. Initial jewellery is so popular due to its personalised look and the fact that they also make great gifts.

A custom initial necklace is a beautiful gift for a loved one since it is so easy to personalise and is a thoughtful present. Read on for more information about why diamond initial jewellery is so special and how you can customise an initial necklace to suit yourself or special someone that you’re purchasing it for.

Customisation Options for Initial Necklaces

A common and sentimental customisation option for initial necklaces and bracelets is to feature your first initial, last initial or both. There are also many other ways to get creative, for example, featuring the initials of a loved one, spouse or child, or a favourite and meaningful word or message like love, hugs, kisses or anything that has meaning.

Styling your Initial Jewellery

When it comes to styling your jewellery, we always think it is a very personal choice and there are so many ways that you can style your personalised initial necklace or bracelet. Below are some options to get creative.

Statement Necklace or Bracelet

A classic and beautiful way to style your initial jewellery is to wear it on its own and make it the statement of your outfit. You can achieve this look with an oversized XL gold initial necklace, or you can keep the statement a little more subdued with the diamond initial on a fine gold chain as a necklace or bracelet that is perfect to wear every day.

Get the Layered Look

Another hot trend is layering your jewellery, featuring your initial jewellery along with other necklaces of different lengths. For example, you may have your custom initial on a shorter gold chain and then layer this with two longer gold chains which feature other motifs you adore like a gold heart, a gold star or a solitaire diamond hand set in a bezel or claw setting. The layered look is a great way to personalise your jewellery to make it a look unique to you and makes it completely customisable depending on your outfit and desired neckline.

Multiple Initials, Pendants or Charms

Another fun way to style your diamond initial necklace is to wear one piece of jewellery, but include multiple initials, pendants, or charms on the chain. For example, include your children’s initials on the one necklace or bracelet, you can even include a solitaire diamond or a gold heart in the centre. This style ads more sentimental value to your look while maintaining its delicacy and elegance.

If you are looking to update your everyday jewellery, you would like a custom initial necklace for a special occasion or are looking for a thoughtful gift for a loved one, initial jewellery is a timeless option. Feel free to peruse our collection online, enquire to receive a quote or visit us instore at our Melbourne showroom. We have many examples instore for you to view and try on, such as diamond initial necklaces, yellow, white and rose gold necklaces, white gold diamond necklaces, diamond pendants and more. We can also design and create you a custom initial necklace that is special to you.

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