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Carry your sparkle close to your heart

with the best diamond pendants in Melbourne

Steve Pallas Bespoke Jewellery has earned a reputation for being an expert in customized and designer jewellery – from fine metal chains, custom necklaces and bold gemstone or diamond pendants in Melbourne. We offer an extensive range of diamond pendants and gemstone necklaces. We also have the expertise to customize these as per your designs. Customized jewellery and diamond pendants in particular, make for a wonderful keepsake, whether you are looking to gift one or create one for your own self.

Custom Diamond Pendants in Melbourne

We can custom make diamond pendants combining precious metals, gemstones and diamonds. You can look through our selection here on our website, or in our Melbourne store, though your choice is not limited as we can design a one-off custom diamond pendant tailored to any style or budget.

The Perfect Gift – Diamond Pendants in Melbourne

Diamond pendants can make for an ideal gift for more reasons than one. And they are also an incredibly intimate gift, as they are worn close to the heart.

Stylish and versatile, we offer a wide variety of diamond pendants to suit everyone and every outfit. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our extensive selection, you can design your own with the help of our team of expert jewellery designers. A diamond pendant is an incredible symbol of love, friendship and affection, and our diamonds will last a lifetime, so this gift is also a beautiful symbol of eternity.

Diamond pendants, especially colourless diamonds, are super versatile – they can be worn anywhere anytime. There is no need to keep these for a special occasion, as a diamond pendant can quickly make any day special. A diamond pendant is also the perfect gift as it is unique and beautiful, but does not carry the traditional commitment that a ring does.

Diamond pendants can be more than just a way to glam up your outfit. With so many design options, you can choose diamond pendants that symbolise something for you and express yourself in a meaningful way. You can pick a symbol that expresses something close to your heart and then wear it there. Some of the most popular diamond pendant symbols are:

The infinity symbol diamond pendants

The infinity sign can symbolise both infinity and eternity. It can represent dualism, unity and perfection. The endless loop signifies time looping back endlessly and is often associated with equality. The mathematical concept of infinity is bigger than any number, and thus the symbol can represent the boundless. This design with no beginning or end is the perfect symbol of never-ending.

Triangle design diamond pendants

The triangle can mean different things depending on which way the point is facing. Facing upward is a symbol of aspiration, masculine energy, rising force, and fire. The downward facing point shows water, flowing downward, grace, and the feminine. In Christian symbolism, the triangle represents the trinity of Father, Son, and spirit.

Hamsa design diamond pendants

The palm-shaped design, hamsa, meaning five, refers to the five fingers of the hand. The Hamsa symbol is said to hold protective powers, the hand providing a defence against the evil eye. It can also represent power, strength and blessing.

Heart design diamond pendants

The universal symbol of love is, of course, the heart design. It can also show compassion, affection and unity.

The Cross

In its Christian context, the cross is a symbol of sacrifice and salvation, and is often worn to showcase commitment to the Christian faith. It is also believed to ward off evil spirits.

Apart from these, there are many other ways to express yourself with a diamond pendant. Some of the other popular ways are:

Anchor – traditionally used to symbolise hope

Antlers – to show leadership

A coiled snake – long been used to symbolise eternity

A crescent moon – signifies a new relationship with the hope that the moon will wax and the relationship will grow

The dove – symbolises peace, love and fidelity

A fern – can showcase fascination or sincerity

Horseshoe – luck

Ivy – fidelity

Key – authority (often coupled with a lock to show protection, we can make duel pendants to show the connection between two people, or the perfect fit)

Oak or acorn – strength

Any religious or spiritual iconography can be showcased with a diamond pendant.

Your choice of diamond, coloured gemstone and precious metal can also affect the symbolism and personal meaning of your diamond pendant.

Diamond Pendants Made On-site in Melbourne

At Steve Pallas Bespoke Jewellery, we can create custom diamond pendants that speak the language of your heart, and allow you to express yourself. We make all our diamond pendants right here in Melbourne, and use ethically sourced precious stones and metals from all over the world. Our team of crafters create custom diamond pendants that you will cherish for a lifetime.

For more information about diamond pendants in Melbourne, contact us at Steve Pallas Bespoke Jewellery today.

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