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Wedding ring guide

Wedding Ring Buying Guide

Wedding rings have a very strong meaning and significance when it comes to love. A ring is circular which represents “forever”. Its endlessness symbolises unity and oneness. A wedding ring is a memento of everlasting love and devotion and something you wear for a lifetime. It carries messages such as “I love you”, “you are mine” and “I wish to be with you forever”. The tradition of wedding rings can be traced back to ancient Rome and Greece, where they were initially associated with marital dowry and later the promise of fidelity. When it comes to buying a wedding ring, one needs to keep in mind that it needs to be perfect for your loved one.

We have put together a step-by-step guide to buying a wedding ring:

  • Keep your lifestyle in mind: as a wedding ring is designed to be a part of your everyday life, comfort is a particularly important factor that should be kept in mind when deciding what’s right for you. We recommend avoiding rings which are uncomfortable and make you feel as though you need to remove it as this will increase your chance of losing it. If you lead an active lifestyle, we recommend a wedding ring which is simple and of solid, durable metal without a gemstone or carvings. As your wedding ring will be worn daily, it should not pose any hindrance to your daily activities.
  • Set a budget: it is important to establish a budget that you and your partner are comfortable with. Wedding rings differ in price depending on the style so make sure you first understand the different characteristics of rings and their associated price so you can make an informed decision when determining your budget. We recommend avoiding setting your budget based on other people’s expectations or those of your culture, it is important that you spend as much as is feasible for you.
  • Choose the metal: the metal choice is an important choice when deciding on a wedding ring. You will be able to choose from: platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, palladium, titanium and more. Platinum or white gold are the current trends with traditional yellow gold also gaining popularity. As you will be wearing your wedding ring alongside your diamond engagement ring, knowing the type of metal that will best complement the engagement ring will assist in narrowing your search. The combination of a classic solitaire platinum engagement ring and a diamond pave platinum wedding band is the perfect harmony. If the wedding ring will be worn on its own, an intricate style can be chosen.
  • Choose a ring style/shape: wedding rings are available in so many different styles and shapes with preference varying from person to person and with different lifestyles. Some of the most timeless and classic styles of wedding rings include the shared claw diamond rings, pave diamond rings, channel set diamond rings, eternity bands, sapphire wedding rings and three-stone or trilogy diamond rings. Wedding rings also come in different shapes so that it can complement the shape of your diamond engagement ring and comfortably sit next to it. The three main shapes of wedding rings are D shaped, flat court shaped and flat shaped. We recommend ensuring that the style and shape you choose is something that you will want to wear with ease.
  • Choose a ring width: it is important to consider the width of your wedding ring. Typically, a male prefers a width of 6mm, and most women like a 2-3mm fine wedding band. Of course, this is also a personal choice depending on your aesthetic and comfort preferences.
  • Laser and hand engraving: wedding rings are special due to their symbolism however you can make them more unique by including engraving. You can engrave your names, wedding date or a small message of your choice. Engravings can be added to all metals and in a beautiful font of your choice.

Although the tradition of wedding rings dates back to ancient times, their style has evolved. Instead of a simple metal band in gold or silver, today wedding rings come in unique and customised designs. Nowadays, women prefer a wedding ring that is a slight contrast to their diamond engagement ring. We are here to assist and guide you to choose a beautiful wedding ring in Melbourne that your partner will love and appreciate.